Empower your church to come alive through the power of personal story

Video Series: Introdution to StoryDrive 


Learn how STORYDRIVE helps ANY church, regardless of size, staff, or budget, cultivate, capture, celebrate, and share stories of life change.

In this video series you'll learn...

  • Why most people don't want to share their story and what you can do to help
  • The three things you should focus on to launch a story ministry (they aren't what you think!)
  • Practical and simple ways your youth and adults can get involved with their time and talent to avoid adding staff and contractors
  • Who you should be focusing on to share their story (it's not who you think!)
  • Why there will never be a "good" or "right" time for your church to start harvesting stories
  • How to tap into existing grant and scholarship funds for your church

"StoryDrive is a long overdue answer to prayer in a digital age. It’s not a program, or a service, it’s a discipleship process that moves God’s people from ‘scared to prepared’ in sharing their faith.  

But not only that, it exponentially increases the exposure of their stories for Gospel results we could only dream about a decade ago"

Scott Smith Georgia Baptist Mission Board 

I’m a huge believer in helping leaders steward their time and resources. The 3:15 Project and StoryDrive gives churches of any size an efficient and effective way to empower their people to share their story, outside the walls of the church, with professionalism and authenticity.”  

Bryan Miles Co-Founder, BELAY

“Very few churches in America have the equipment and personnel resources, as well as expertise, to do what The 3:15 Project and StoryDrive can do. Regardless of your church’s size, I encourage you to utilize this tremendous resource .”  

Billy Phenix North Point Ministries

Access these videos to help your church come alive through the power of personal story


STORYDRIVE is an initiative made by possible by The 3:15 Project and our faithful ministry partners